The Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahasarakham University (MSU) is the 12th Faculty of Pharmacy in Thailand, the second to provide a PharmD curriculum, and the newest among 3 Faculties of Pharmacy in Northeast Thailand.

              The history of the Faculty of Pharmacy dates back to the year 1996, when we were part of the Valairukavej Botanical Research Institute. In 1999, the faculty of Pharmacy and Health Sciences was approved by the University Council and Prof. RME Richards, O.B.E. was the first Dean until 2002. The Faculty precented 3 programs: Pharmacy, Public Health, and Thai Traditional Medicine.

              In 2002, the Public Health program was developed and was now the Faculty of Public Health while the Applied Thai Traditional Medicine program moved to join the Faculty of   Medicine. So, in early 2005, the "Faculty of Pharmacy and Health Sciences" was   changed to the "Faculty of Pharmacy", Mahasarakham University.

VDO presentation of the Faculty of Pharmacy

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